Top 5 Most Expensive Apartments To Own In Dubai

Dubai remains one of the most sought after destinations among the luxury seekers and a large number of expats choose to settle here for one reason or another. The Emirate brings many desirable addresses where people love to enjoy a luxury lifestyle and all the amenities on offer. However, if your definition of luxury is how expensive a place is, here we have listed the top 5 most expensive apartments you could own in Dubai. Obviously, a high price tags is justified by plenty of luxuries and amenities on offer, so they can be classified among the top luxurious places to live in Dubai as well. Let’s have a look.

1. One At Palm

The iconic Palm Jumeirah maintains its place among the top most luxurious addresses across Dubai. And, if you want to live on the manmade island, the ‘One at Palm’ apartment is the most expensive option you have to go with. The penthouse apartment spans over an expansive 4000 sq. m and presents a wonderfully amazing ambiance across its 7 bedrooms that come with attached baths as well. The apartment is home to a beautiful art gallery and a fully equipped personal gum as well.

Furthermore, it offers parking space for 12 cars at a time. Besides, there is 1500 sq. m outdoor space available as well that features beautiful infinite pools. The apartment is selling at a price of 271m AED. It’s quite possible that it turns out to be another landmark attraction of Palm Jumeirah bringing people to the island for the unique architecture it has.

2. Burj Khalifa

What comes to your mind when somebody abruptly mentions Dubai in their conversation? Without a doubt, it’s Burj Khalifa – the tallest development of the world to date. Even though it’s not an all out residential building, it offers plenty of attractions and the prices here are very high for everything just because of all the popularity it has received over the years. The Burj is also home to 900-plus residential units with hefty price tags. A home here can cost you somewhere around 240000 AED to 270000 AED per annum.

3. R Sector Emirates Hills

When you are looking for the most expensive apartments in Dubai, Emirates Hills isn’t lagging behind. There are plenty of villa homes in this sector that are known for their luxury amenities and high price tags. There’s a 8-bedroom villa that comes with a beautiful indoor pool that receives natural light as well. What’s most attractive about this development is the fact that it is covered in greens all over allowing it to have some of the most exclusive spaces to relax and unwind. The listed price for sale is 129.9m AED which certainly is quite expensive.

4. Fronds, Signature Villa – Palm Jumeirah

Another luxury property on the iconic Palm Jumeirah – the manmade island in Dubai – Fronds, Signature Villas really bring some of the top most expensive accommodations on the island. The villas here are known for their attractive exteriors that present wonderful views of the beachfront. The price tag goes somewhere between 15m AED and 115m AED. So, if you have always wanted to own a luxury villa at Palm Jumeirah, you should definitely invest in one here. You’ll surely be getting great value for your money.

5. Bromellia – Al Barari

This wonderful home is located in one of the most sought after neighborhood in Dubai named Al Barari. Bromellia sprawls over an expansive 1700 sq. m of land and features 8 bedrooms, air-conditioned showroom for your car, luxurious swimming pool, sunken bar, spa building and a wonderful barbeque space. All these amenities really make for a wonderful living experience and the home will offer you all the relaxing and partying options you want. Owning Bromellia will cost you around 48m AED. Also, Al Barari is a home to astonishing apartments projects which offering a range of stunning studio, and one to three bedroom apartments.

So, do you have enough in your bank account to own any of these properties in Dubai? Yes, they really are expensive and you have to shell out some serious cash to own one.

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